Book Spotlight: Department 19 by Will Hill

Department 19 Today is the official release date of Department 19 by Will Hill and to celebrate I want to shine the Well-Read Wife spotlight on the exciting new Young Adult series from Razorbill! After reading the synopsis  ( Uhm hello?!! Secret government agency! Frankenstein’s Monster! Vampires!!) and watching the teaser trailer, I can’t wait to buy and devour Department 19 by Will Hill. Be sure and check out for the latest scoop on Department 19.  Also, be sure and follow Will Hill on Twitter.  See the synopsis and book trailer below. What are some books you guys are looking forward to reading? Be sure and leave a comment to let me know!

From The Publisher:

Jamie Carpenter’s life will never be the same. His father is dead, his mother is missing, and he was just rescued by an enormous man named Frankenstein. Jamie is brought to Department 19, where he is pulled into a secret organization responsible for policing the supernatural, founded more than a century ago by Abraham Van Helsing and the other survivors of Dracula. Aided by Frankenstein’s monster, a beautiful vampire girl with her own agenda, and the members of the agency, Jamie must attempt to save his mother from a terrifyingly powerful vampire.
Department 19 takes us through history, across Europe, and beyond – from the cobbled streets of Victorian London to prohibition-era New York, from the icy wastes of Arctic Russia to the treacherous mountains of Transylvania. Part modern thriller, part classic horror, it’s packed with mystery, mayhem, and a level of suspense that makes a Darren Shan novel look like a romantic comedy. (Summary provided by Razorbill.)



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