Guest Post: This or That with Lena Coakley, Author of Witchlanders


The Well-Read Wife is thrilled to host special guest Lena Coakley today as part of Lena’s book tour for Witchlanders. Since Witchlanders is about a coven of witches that can see the future, I thought it would be fun to play a paranormal themed game of This or That with Lena. Keep reading after the game to check out how you can win a Kindle3. Also, click here to view the gorgeous new book trailer for Witchlanders.

This or That With Lena Coakley

1. Bewitched or Charmed?

I have loved Bewitched since I was a kid. In fact, Bewitched might have been the genesis of my whole witch fascination! (That and the old Jimmy Stewart movie Bell, Book and Candle.)

2. Buffy or The Vampire Diaries? (This would be like a “Sophie’s Choice for me! haha.-Mandy)

Buffy all the way. I am a Joss Whedon fangirl.

3. Damon and Stefan or Jacob and Edward?

Now that’s a tough one. I think I’d have to go with the classic Jacob and Edward combo.

4. Vampires or Werewolves?

Kelley Armstrong has converted me to werewolves. I love Derek from her Darkest Powers series
and I’m reading Bitten right now.

5. Ouija Board or Magic 8 Ball?

It’s funny you should ask because I keep a Magic 8 Ball right by my desk! It’s never wrong.
Lena: Magic 8 Ball, will witches overtake vampires and become the next big thing?
M8B: Better not tell you now.  Oh well. Thanks so much for having me on your blog, Mandy!

Thank you for stopping by Lena! I love that you keep a Magic 8 Ball on your desk, but I think the 8 ball is wrong. Witches will absolutely be the next big thing! Click here to purchase a copy of Witchlanders from Amazon. Be sure and check out Lena’s website and click here to follow her on Twitter.

Contest Info: Answer the video question in the comments to enter the Kindle3 Giveaway. Gather up to 15 entries by commenting on each Tour Stop. Open US/Canada


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  1. Vivien says

    Right now I’ll say Charlaine Harris. But I’ve only read a couple of Anne Rice novels. I’m just hooked on Sookie.

    deadtossedwaves at gmail dot com

  2. says

    Oh dear. I have to admit that I’ve yet to read Charlaine Harris so I must abstain from choosing. I’m Buffy all the way, though, if that counts for anything…and I agree with Lena about Kelley Armstrong’s werewolves!


  3. Kim O'Gorman says

    Sorry to say I haven’t read either Anne Rice or Charlaine Harris but I am looking forward to reading Witchlanders and inspired by Lena. Does that qualify me?

  4. says

    Anne Rice when she was writing about the Mayfair witches! Absolutely loved that series!! I think they were my favorite novels for about ten years!! Lasher being my most favorite! And I’m a big Bewitched fan!


  5. Anne says

    No contest! Charlaine Harris is #1. I have never been able to finish an Anne Rice book (never finished the first chapter, snore). My sister feels the same way.

  6. says

    Oh my that’s hard…. err I will go with Anne Rice… She’s such a classic and I love her books, and that fact that I’m a sucker for Interview With The Vampire =)
    Thanks for hosting this giveaway!!

    GFC Follower: SpadesHighReads
    TValeros18 AT gmail DOT com

  7. Cassandra says

    Anne Rice. ” The Mayfair Witches” series was the best.
    Unfortunately, never read any of Charlain Harris’s work.

  8. says

    Hi everyone! Thanks for dropping by. And thanks so much to Mandy for having me on The Well-Read Wife today! I’m embarrassed to say that I haven’t read Charlaine Harris either, even though I adore the True Blood TV series. (Anna Paquin rules. I have loved her since The Piano.) So by default, I’d have to say Anne Rice.

  9. says

    Though Both are amazing authors, Anne Rice will always hold a special place in my heart. It was Louis and Lestat who I fell in love with first 🙂

  10. Connie says

    Hmm, well I haven’t read either. I’ve heard about both and good things about both. Anne Rice is a classic. Charlaine Harris seems interesting. Hmm, can I say both? If not, I guess I’d say….. …… Anne Rice, no Charlaine Harris. Yes, Charlaine Harris is my final answer.

  11. says

    I haven’t read either author but, based on a recent interview I heard of Charlaine (with Jian Ghomeshi), I’d go with her. And if I put her up against Lena, I’d pick Lena every time!

  12. says

    Is it bad to say that I haven’t read either? But I do know that Anne Rice is one of the original Vampire writers and my sister adores her books, so I’d be more likely to grab one of her books to read!
    Great this or that interview, those are always entertaining!

  13. says

    This is a total no-brainer for me! It’s Anne Rice all the way. I’ve been reading Anne since my early twenties so that makes…what?…about 20 years now! I’ve read her Vampire Chronicles, up to Tale of the Body Thief, twice and the third book in the series, Queen of the Damned, four times! It is my favorite book. I also love her Mayfair Witches trilogy and The Mummy, or Ramses the Damned. I’m still not finished reading the entire Vampire Chronicles simply because I have a strict rule to never read series books simultaneously. Many think I’m weird, but it’s how I roll. 😀

  14. Meg S says

    I haven’t read an Anne Rice book yet, but I’ll have to go with her by default because I really did not like the Charlaine Harris book that I read. Although I love True Blood!

    mysecretagentloverman at gmail dot com

  15. Marie W. says

    Anne Rice. I grew up reading her novels and I prefer her paranormal series to that of Charlaine Harris.

    mire67 at aol dot com

  16. Rose W. says

    I am torn on this one because I am a fan of both these authors. Since I have to choose, I will have to say Charlaine Harris. It must be that Sookie that sucked me in!

    sweetaskandy916 at yahoo dot com

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