The ‘I Am’ Project, Book Blogger Style


Last week Alli Worthington wrote a post for her Babble Voices column called Phenomenal Women – The ‘I Am’ Project. With the ‘I Am’ project Alli asked her friends across the internet to submit photos of themselves with the caption “I am ____.” Each woman could finish the statement any way she desired. It could be funny. It could be deep. The responses were amazing.

photo(6)I was thrilled that the picture I submitted was included in one of the slideshows in the post! Mine was, admittedly, silly. Most of the pictures were of women in the lifestyle and mom blogging communities. I often find myself socializing with these women at different spots across the web. Whether on Facebook or via Instagram, the lifestyle and mom bloggers are an amazing group of women. An amazing group of women that really excels when it comes to building community.

Book Blogging Phenomenal Females

This lead me to think about the women of the book blogging community. We too are an awesome group of women. We book bloggers are many things. We are advocates for libraries and literacy. We are voracious readers. We are writers. We are passionate about the books and authors we love.

We are also individuals.

A couple of days ago I sent out a call via Twitter and The Book Blogs Ning for ‘I Am’ photos of female book bloggers. Due to the last minute nature of the request I didn’t expect many responses.  I was so excited when the responses started rolling in!

Lisa from Adventures of 2.0 (Baffled Books)


Evangeline from Sugarpeach


Trish from Hey Lady! Watcha’ Readin’?

I am...

Liza from Book Crook Liza


Jenn from Jenn’s Bookshelves


Colleen from CiCi’s Theories


Amanda from Dead White Guys: An Irreverent Guide To Classic Literature


Louise from Between The Covers

Louise I Am

Dawn from She Is Too Fond Of Books

Dawn I am labelled

Gretchen from The Lincoln Letter


Kit from Books Are My Boyfriends

book gangster

Of course, the book blogging community has thousands of phenomenal women. Book bloggers, take a moment and tweet or instagram your ‘I Am’ statements today. Be sure and mention @alliworthington (the mastermind behind the ‘I Am’ project) if you tweet one.

Also, please note today is the debut of my new feature, Wife Life. It will appear here on a couple of times a month. I want to thank Elan Morgan (Aka Schmutzie) of Ninjamatics Design for designing the fabulous graphic for me.

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    Awesome!! Thanks for including me and congrats on Wife Life! I am grateful to have ‘met’ you and think that the best part of blogging at all is the wonderful new friends I have made!


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