Link Roundup and A Personal Note


Above Photo: Wearing my new favorite ring from Modcloth while I edit photos.

Here are some links to articles written by me and others across the web:

Blissfully Domestic

I have a side writing gig that I love over at Blissfully Domestic.

Here is a link to an article I wrote for the Family/Parenting section this past week:

What’s Your Mom Salary? Calculate Your Mom Salary and Win With!  FYI –’s Mom Salary Wizard is great fun, and there is an awesome giveaway included in this sponsored post I wrote for Blissfully Domestic about You should seriously check it out.

Posts on The Well-Read Wife From The Past Week

If You Like Mad Men, You’ll Love Jackie After O by Tina Cassidy

#BookBlogHelp: Save and Archive Tweets, Protect Your Ideas

Cool Stuff Other People Wrote:

Only You Can Save Literature: One Story’s Literary Debutante Ball

Book Notes – Lisa Brackmann “Getaway”

A Satirist Goes For None-Too-Subtle Shading

5 Ways ‘Saved By The Bell’ Ruined My Life

The Art of The Heist: Valuing Art Through Its Theft

Review: The Siren

Interview With Charlaine Harris On Her New Book Deadlocked & HBO’s True Blood

Personal Note:

This week has been sad, awesome, and crazy – not necessarily in that order.

I’ve been thinking a lot about intellectual property rights, where ideas originate, and how you go about crediting original sources in this day and age of Twitter streams and Facebook status oceans.The Internet is a strange, strange place. I’ll probably have more ideas (apart from the Twitter archiving post from earlier this week) on the topic at some point.

This week I was pleased to receive the  silent auction items I won from the One Story’s Literary Debutante Ball. I wish I could have been at the fundraiser in person. As it was the night before a local fundraiser I attend every year, I wasn’t able to fly in to attend. It’s definitely on my radar for next year though. I’m so thankful the wonderful Helen Ellis brought the event to my attention. There will be another post about this in a week or two with pictures and more info.

Don’t forget to check out The Directory of Book Bloggers Using Pinterest or this article about how Pinterest can help you promote your book blog. I will be adding more updates to the directory soon. Click here to follow me on Pinterest.

I was incredibly saddened to hear yesterday about the death of Adam Yauch AKA MCA of The Beastie Boys. From 6th grade all the way through my adult years The Beastie Boys have been part of the soundtrack of my life. Click here to watch a classic MTV Week In Rock segment about MCA’s antics at the 1994 Video Music Awards. Nate pointed it out to me this morning. Click here to see the trailer for the “Fight For Your Right – Revisited” long form video.


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