Introducing Mandy’s Blogger Book Club: Like Oprah’s But Not As Good

Hi and welcome to possibly the most unorganized book club ever to grace the Internetz!

If you follow me on Twitter you may have noticed that I randomly said around 2 or 3 am one night last week that I purchased 50 copies of America, You Sexy Bitch (352 pages, Published by Da Capo) by Michael Ian Black and Meghan McCain and I’m going to start a book club. Well, I actually did that. I ordered 50 copies of the book and on Friday I will post a video explaining everything. I won’t receive the books until Wednesday, and I need the books to make the video… So this is an announcement about the announcement happening on Friday.

MIB response after I tweeted I purchased 50 copies of America, You Sexy Bitch.


Are you a little confused?

Now, you’re probably a little confused. I’m actually pretty confused too. But as of now the way this is going to work is I will set up a form within Friday’s post and the first 47 bloggers (who are at least 18 years of age) to fill it out will get the book sent to them from me for free under the condition that they post an honest review of America, You Sexy Bitch by the middle of August  on your site and link back to the book club link up I will post on my site at a later date. I say 47 instead of 50, because I randomly promised three of my friends in the middle of the night that same night that they would be included. Did I mention I was on Ambien  trying to fall asleep when I had this brilliant idea? Well yes, I may have been a little out of it when I ordered 50 copies of America, You Sexy Bitch: A Love Letter to Freedom. But guess what? It’s a win for everyone, because you will get a free book that I’m pretty sure is going to be hilarious and insightful. Well, 50 of you get a free book. The rest of you can play along too and link up your posts if you want.

Have I read the book yet? Why no, I haven’t read the book yet! But I bet it’s going to be great! (Or maybe not so great, but I love both of the author’s previous works so I’m pretty positive I’ll like it.)

Also, the book club is open to anyone who is 18 or older with a blog. I don’t care what you blog about or how many followers you have. Everyone is welcome to apply. When I reach 47 bloggers, I’ll simply take the form down. Does this sound like the beginning of a major clusterf*ck for me? Maybe. But I think it will be really fun. I hope to have a new book club selection every couple of months. The Twitter hashtag for the club is #MBBCWRW

Also, I want to make it clear that I purchased the books with my own money. This club is not sponsored by the publisher.

There will be a much more detailed explanation on Friday. See you then!


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      “Festivus for the rest of us!” totally went through my head when I read your first sentence. Of course, I could be the lone Seinfeld nerd and you could have no clue what I’m even referencing. ; )

  1. says

    Pishaw your book club won’t be as good as Oprah’s. Pishaw I say!

    And you are super generous. I’m glad MIB recognizes your awesomeness and wants to be BFFs.

    I already have a copy of the book but would like to join in on the book club shenanigans!

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