Mandy’s Blogger Book Club: 50 Free Copies Announcement

The following is the list of bloggers who are going to receive a copy of America, You Sexy Bitch (published by Da Capo) by Michael Ian Black and Meghan McCain from me! Be sure to check out their blogs.:) Note: The List is only 46 bloggers long. I am waiting to hear back from a couple of people & I have two spots one spot open (a couple of people tried to sneak in w/no blog or tumblr. haha). Next blogger willing to comply with the book club rules to leave a comment under this post indicating they wish to participate will receive a free copy of America, You Sexy Bitch. Bloggers are more than welcome to participate in the book club even if you don’t receive a copy of the book from me. Click here to see how you can participate. I will post the official Mandy’s Blogger Book Club link up page on July 20th. If you are receiving a free copy from me, please have your review posted by August 15th. Click here to purchase a copy of America, You Sexy Bitch from Amazon.

The first America, You Sexy Bitch discussion post will be posted around July 10th. Everyone is welcome to participate in that as well. More details to come.

If you are a blogger receiving a free copy and feel like tweeting a picture of yourself with America, You Sexy Bitch at me, I’ll post the funniest pictures on the site.  I’m @wellreadwife on Twitter. It should take about a week from today (6/18/12) to get the book if you are in the U.S. If you are international, it should also hopefully take about a week. In two weeks if you haven’t received the book, please email and let me know at wellreadwife [at] gmail [dot] com. I emailed some of you for a mailing address, because I was missing information on the form. So, check your email.:)

The bloggers receiving free copies are listed in order of sign up:

Summer – Sicker Than Others

Cindy – The Reedster Speaks

Nina – Nina Post

Taylor – Hot Little Moose

Eric – Aim Somewhere

Joseph – My Life and What I See

Jes – Becoming Less of Jes

Brandi – Young, Fabulous and Broke

Michelle – The Adirondack Chick

Elijah – Elijah Sarkesian

Brooke – Txting Mr Darcy

Jimi – From The Cheap Seats

Nancy – Nancy’s Book Blog

John – Raleigh Political Buzz Examiner

Lois – A Bluestocking’s Place

Chris – Skinned Knees in Short Pants

Christine – The Snarky Lawyer

Melanie – Is this The Middle?

Jennifer – Mommy’s Reading Too…

Katey – Blog-Like Couture

Rebekah – The Real Rebekah

Natasja – Catling Scribbles

Jenny – Bible Belt To Boulder

Jennifer – Try This Trick and Spin It

Alexandra – Political Views of A Standard Citizen

Lindsay – LindsayInNYC

Charlene – Tying Molecular Knots

Megan – The Bitchy Stitcher

Kristina –Ladybug Storytime

Stephanie – A Book In Hand

Tiffany – Final-Distance

Jose – My Random Thoughts

Stacy – Stacy’s Books

Alissa – Ketchup With The Frys

Courtney – Forever Is Just A Heartbeat Away

Jennifer – Literate Housewife

Nikki – Pittsburgh Books Examiner

Poof Books

Deborah – Deborah’s Journal

Carrie – Wildcat’s Wife

Elizabeth – I Should Have Been A Pirate

Becky – BiblioGnome

Brahm – Alfred Lives Here

Joanna – A Worn Path

Rhonda – Rhonda’s Doings!

Lauren – Shooting Stars Mag

Michelle – LA Law Girl


I am very excited to read America, You Sexy Bitch along with everyone. I think this is going to be a great opportunity to discuss the political climate in the U.S. from all sides of the political spectrum.

Note to self: Purchase “Uncle Sam” hat.



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    I’m so excited! I never win anything, and I was absolutely going to buy this book anyway, so this was a double win for me. I loved Meghan McCain’s first book and am really looking forward to joining the book club with this one.

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