#MIBWeek: Chicken Cheeks by Michael Ian Black and Kevin Hawkes

Title: Chicken Cheeks

Author: Michael Ian Black

Illustrator: Kevin Hawkes

40 pages, Published by Simon and Schuster Books For Young Readers, Ages 3-7

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Kevin’s Info: Website

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 Summary: Some bears will go to any length to get some honey. This one recruits every animal that comes along to form, well, a stack. The result? Tail of the duck to the gluteus maximus of the duck-billed platypus (with many other rears in between). Readers will giggle with delight at the bird’s eye view of some hysterical animal bottoms. Follow this back-sided journey up the tree – where the real surprise awaits. The pairing of Black’s minimal text with Hawkes’s visual story line will keep you chuckling from the bottom up. (Summary provided by Simon and Schuster Books For Young Readers.)

My Thoughts:

As the mother of two boys ages two and five-years-old, my household is the target demographic for the children’s book Chicken Cheeks written by Michael Ian Black and illustrated by Kevin Hawkes. The book is about many different kinds of animals and how their posteriors help a bear attempt to reach honey high up in a tree. My boys thought it was hilarious. My five year old especially loved it. He regularly serenades me with a song he made up about his biscuits (aka butt) and uses the phrase “my buns are burnin'” pretty much every five minutes. So, if my five-year-old awarded Pulitzers, Chicken Cheeks would get one.

I asked my two-year-old what he thought of the book and he said, “Want to reeeeaad.” I asked him what he wanted to read, and he pointed to Chicken Cheeks. We sat down to read it again, and he enjoyed it even more the second time. With this reading he repeated each line after I said it the first time. He especially loved saying “Hound dog heinie” and “Kangaroo keister.”

Chicken Cheeks has very minimal text, so children ages three to seven can enjoy it on their own as a picture book as well. They will probably remember most of the funny descriptions that go with the pictures after a few readings. The minimal text is what makes it the perfect book for very young readers. Like Goodnight Moon, a book both of my children can recite by heart, Chicken Cheeks will capture the attention of  young readers!

Click below to watch the book trailer for Chicken Cheeks. It is SO funny and not in a “kid funny” way. Though kids will find it funny too. Ahhh, Michael Ian Black. *sighs*


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