10 Things To Buy A Book Lover

!0 Things To Buy A Book Lover

Wondering what to get your bookish friends for a present? Well look no more! I have some suggestions. Everything from eReader covers to books your friends won’t want to miss are included in this quick list. Enjoy!

  1. New York Times Easy Books NOOK Cover, $34.95, Barnes & Noble
  2. Poe A Tree T-Shirt, $24.95, Novel-T
  3. Stardust: The Gift Edition by Neil Gaiman, $17.51, Amazon
  4. The Great Gatsby iPhone Case, $35.00, Out Of Print
  5. Ereader Cover, $20.00, Etsy
  6. The Bell Jar T-Shirt, $28.00, Out Of Print
  7. Treasure Island!!! by Sara Levine, $10.95, Amazon
  8. A Hologram For The King by Dave Eggers, $13.44, Amazon
  9. The Rumpus Book Club Membership, $25.00 a month or $250.00 a year, TheRumpus.net
  10. Book Junky Pillow, $28.00, Etsy


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  1. says

    I just wrote the same type of post today, didn’t see yours! I really like the Gatsby I-Phone case. Makes me want to get an I Phone just so I can use it. :)

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