10 Things To Buy A Book Lover: Home Edition (Jan. ’14)

10ThingsToBuyABookLoverHome 1. First up on this week’s list is I Judge You When You Use Poor Grammar by Sharon Eliza Nichols. This is a great coffee table book for avid readers. Nothing like letting a guest know that you’re a stickler for who/whom usage!

2. Keeping up with the grammar theme is the Alliteration print. The print has the following line from The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe on it: “While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping…”

3. The pillow (by French Laundry) I chose has one of my favorite Ralph Waldo Emerson quotes on it. I love the shape of the pillow and the font. I may end up purchasing this one for the sun room. It’s always nice to have a reminder to live your dreams in the room!

4. The Literary Cocktail Napkin Set from Restoration Hardware features napkins with Dorothy Parker quotes on them. I love Dorothy Parker. She’s one of my idols and my favorite quote of hers is included in the batch: “I don’t care what is written about me as long as it isn’t true.” Preach Dorothy!

5. This pretty flask made by Izola has a Dorothy Parker quote engraved on it: “A hangover is the wrath of grapes.” I know that makes two Dorothy Parker items on the list, but I can never resist a good DP quote.:)

6. The iPhone 5/5S/5C dock by booksi looks just like a hardback copy of The Odyssey. I love the bright colors!

7. These coasters by Ben’s Garden are beautiful. They’re made of copper and glass and have a quote from Ernest Hemingway (Wine and friends are a great blend.) on them.

8. The Conversation Starters Cork Board Set from ModCloth is a great accent for any office or dorm room.

9. The You Are Living Your Own Story wall decal from Urban Outfitters is my favorite item on the list. I really want to find a wall in my house for this!

10. The James Bond art print from Kohl’s is a nod to my husband, Nate. Sean Connery is his favorite Bond.

FTC Disclosure: I receive a commission on all purchases made through using the Amazon and ShopSense links on this site.


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