Literary Look: Jacinta from Great by Sara Benincasa

Literary Look Great by Sara Benincasa

Great by Sara Benincasa is a modern, LGBTQ retelling of the Fitzgerald classic The Great Gatsby, and in a word, it’s great and the perfect book for my Literary Look feature! I’ll write more on the book in a couple of days, but for today I thought it would be fun to choose an outfit for Jacinta, the Jay Gatsby of Great. Jacinta, a mysterious fashion blogger who throws the best parties of the summer in the Hamptons, wears unique, gorgeous clothing throughout the book. The outfit I put together above is loosely inspired by this passage from Great:

She was wearing purple eye makeup that set off her enormous green eyes, and a beautiful mint-green sleeveless dress that consisted of finely wrought lace over a satiny sheath. Little, slouchy green leather elf boots and lavender fishnets completed the look. It was delicate and sweet and sexy and hip.

Dress / Eye Makeup / Shawl / Booties / Fishnets


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