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Dancing With Dolphins on Life Between Books MandyBoles.com

My family and I went to a Super Bowl party about a couple of weeks ago. We decided to take the scenic route down Highway 90. Highway 90’s known for the MS Gulf Coast’s beautiful beaches, casinos, and… souvenir shops. Every time we pass a certain shop with a huge shark head for an entrance the boys beg to stop.

This time we stopped, because sometimes you have to stop and dance with dolphins and hang out in a shark’s mouth.

Dancing With Dolphins on Life Between Books MandyBoles.comNate and I have two wild little men and the smallest things can make them so damn happy. Playing with dolphin and shark statues on the beach being part of a growing list of things that bring joy to their little hearts. Building forts out of cardboard boxes, making funny videos, and keeping a notebook of video game design drawings are a few of the recent activities British and Bruce have been obsessed with lately.

Everyday I’m grateful Nate and I have these two precious gifts we created together.

Of course they’re not always happy little angels. Lately Bruce, our sweet four-year-old, has taken to saying NEVER! when I ask him to do any sort of task. Bruce, the sweet one who always kind of went with the flow is starting to develop quite the forceful little personality.

British, my older boy whose eyes have a constant sparkle, has always had a willful personality. When the doctor pulled him out of me I’m pretty sure B looked around and said, “Where the hell am I”? So it’s surprising to me that Brucie is just now becoming an extrovert, because British was boisterous from the very beginning.

Isn’t it crazy? I always think I have their personalities pegged. I think British is the funny one or Bruce is the shy one and then one or the other will do something that doesn’t conform to the label. Which I guess is why we shouldn’t label our kids or presume to know how they feel or the person they will one day become. They will always surprise us. One minute they might want to dance with dolphins and stand bravely inside the shark mouth door and the next? Not so much.

Kids Are Not An Extension Of Ourselves

Sometimes Nate gently reminds me that just because I suffer from anxiety and depression it doesn’t mean the boys will too. I worry about this constantly. I try not to over analyze when one of the boys has a bad day at school. If Bruce gets sad for what seems like no reason, I remind myself that he’s only four. Four-year-olds get upset when they’re sleepy or possibly just watched the end of Toy Story 3, and it’s not the end of the world. That’s what I tell myself.

I’m a worrier. It’s what I do between being stressed out, depressed, and anxious. I haven’t been able to focus long enough to write a blog post or finish a book lately. Tonight I finished a book I’ve been reading for a couple of weeks. Normally, I read 4-5 books a week. So, maybe I need to take a cue from British and Bruce. Stop being stressed and worried and take time to clear my head, dance with dolphins, and relive the childlike curiosity that lead me to love reading.

My goal for the rest of the week is to read three books. Next week I have lots of cool things to share on the blog including a Q & A with Jill Shalvis, a guest post from Bradley Spinelli on his first favorite book (a new feature Bradley is kicking off for me), and a review of Spinelli’s book Killing Williamsburg. Until then, I’ll be taking time to dance with dolphins and play in the mouths of sharks.

More pictures below.

Standing in the shark Mandy Boles Life Between Books

Dancing With Dolphins Life Between Books Mandy Boles.com

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